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Emergency Charter Response

Our emergency air charter response and recovery capability should be an integral part of your emergency air evacuation and recovery program. Air charter is by far the fastest and most direct compared to any other mode of transportation. Emergency air charter transportation ensures a rapid response to natural disasters, political unrest and the need to deliver emergency air cargo supplies. Air charter evacuation can be the difference between getting out of harm’s way, or not getting out at all. Our professionals can also develop a customized contingency emergency air evacuation program that meets your organization’s specific needs well in advance of requiring these services. 

  • 24/7/365 availability ensures a rapid emergency air charter response to changing circumstances 

  • Monitoring weather, natural disasters and other events that may affect your emergency air evacuation operation  

  • Decades of experience arranging emergency air charter evacuations, airlifts, and recovery air charter flights gives you the best expertise available. 

Why have a disaster response plan in place? In times of crisis, many interests are competing for the same aircraft supply. This can drive up pricing. More importantly, it can mean that you are unable to evacuate your group, or source a reliable air ambulance operator. Additionally, the time to be wrangling over air carrier agreement terms and conditions is not during an emergency. Our team will work closely with you to develop an emergency air charter evacuation plan that eliminates many of the hurdles to a successful evacuation.  We will also work with your crisis management team to identify your risk exposures, forecast potential threats, and develop a cohesive emergency evacuation strategy. 

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