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Charter a Heavy Jet

Charter a Heavy Jet 
for 8-16 Passengers

Need a private jet with long range? Maybe you are traveling from New York City to Los Angeles, or Boston to Milan. Can you do it non-stop in a private jet? Of course!  No connections and no hassles. If you have a travel party of up to 19 passengers that needs to travel longer distances, this is the perfect private jet aircraft for your air charter flight.

Heavy jets are ideal for transcontinental and intercontinental flights. They offer ample headroom, long range, roomier cabins, and a fully enclosed lavatory for your comfort and privacy. 

Business Jet Charter Flight

Larger private jets are also an excellent choice when carrying additional equipment or baggage that may be difficult to accommodate in a smaller aircraft. The cabins also offer more space for each passenger, with many cabins equipped with sleeping and sofa configurations. Heavy jet cabins are designed for passenger interaction and comfort during your private charter flight. With the capability of nonstop travel of 8 hours or more, it is the perfect choice for those that desire nonstop travel over longer distances.  


Hungry? This class of aircraft has considerable space to store supplies as well as prepare catering. Enjoy your favorite beverage with your meal that was designed to your exacting specifications, while you watch the world go by below. Or, enjoy the sumptuous and luxuriously appointed cabin while keeping connected on the ground. 

Legacy 600

Sample Aircraft: Gulfstream G650, Challenger 650, Falcon 2000, Legacy 600

Average Range: 4,100 nautical miles

Average Cruising Speed: 400 - 500 knots

Fully enclosed lavatory

We can take you anywhere but here's some sample heavy jet air charter pricing:

LAX-LAS-LAX: $25,000 - $30,000

JFK-ORD-JFK: $28,000 - $33,000

JFK-MIA-JFK: $40,000 - $45,000

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