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Jet Card Membership

Membership or "Jet Card" programs are another solution for the private flyer.  The member typically deposits funds with the provider which are then drawn down at a fixed rate per hour depending on aircraft type. With dozens, if not hundreds, of membership programs available, it can be very difficult to determine which jet card program makes the most sense, or if participation in such a program is even the best course of action.  


Our one-on-one approach ensures that you are armed with the facts and benefits of each program to make an informed decision.  We can help you complete an audit of the membership options to determine if this is a good fit for your private air charter needs. There are vast differences between jet card providers, and many that you should avoid altogether. If you are currently utilizing a jet card program, we can help you to evaluate and compare that program across other offerings. Our professionals can also compare your jet card spend with what you might pay in the open on-demand market or even against aircraft ownership. 


Jet card programs can be a convenient solution for many private jet charter customers. The key is understanding if they are the best choice for your needs, or if another strategy makes more sense. Get in touch with us about your existing air charter needs, and we’ll help you to determine the best option whether it is a jet card, on-demand air charter, aircraft ownership, or a combination of strategies. 

We'll make you an expert

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