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Our History

Air Planning was founded in 1999 with one goal in mind: to provide the finest aviation brokerage services available, arranging private air charter flights anywhere on the globe at any time. 

Our original vision was based on setting superior standards for the recruitment, education, and work experience of our staff. This approach delivers unparalleled knowledge and service for our client base, which includes Fortune 500 companies, collegiate and professional sports teams, dignitaries, high net worth individuals, and some of the most well-known entities in the world. Thousands of private air charters and scores of satisfied clients later, our commitment to that core mission hasn’t changed. 

Our historic location combines the latest technology of the modern work space with the heritage and history of our region, specifically designed to provide a pleasant working environment for our most valuable resource – the people that make Air Planning a success. 

A lot has changed in aviation since our early days of two people working in a basement to turn a dream into a reality. Our guiding principles however have not changed. We treat our customers and vendors with respect. We are honest advocates for our clients and treat our air carriers fairly. Loyalty is earned and should never be assumed or taken for granted. In an age of impersonal customer service, it is the relationships between people that makes our company a success. 

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