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Empty Leg Flights

Tips for Booking an Empty Leg Charter Flight


Empty leg flights can come and go very quickly.  If you are presented with an empty leg, you should be ready to move quick if one is a match.  In the world of private travel, first come, first signed and first paid gets it.  You will want to request a contract and have payment ready to go immediately.

Empty Legs - Pros and Cons


If you are in the market for a private jet for an upcoming trip, an empty leg can provide substantial savings.  But there are some strings attached.

1.  The carrier will have favorable cancelation terms in the contract.  If for whatever reason the carrier no longer needs to reposition the aircraft, you will likely lose the plane.  This could include if the guest they were picking up changed their plans, or if somebody else booked the aircraft at market rate and they need to go pick them up instead.  

2.  Be prepared to be very flexible, including last minute changes to the itinerary.  

3.  An empty leg typically will not help if you are planning a trip well in advance or if you are traveling on a tight schedule.  If you are traveling for a business meeting, or planning a big family vacation, an empty leg price may look nice, but if it falls through or the schedule changes substantially, you could be in a bind.  3

What does Transient Availability mean?

Transient availability refers to a carrier with an aircraft stationed outside of its typical hub for a designated period of time.  Lets say a carrier keeps its fleet in New York, but is flying a group to Charleston for 7 days.  If that aircraft is not booked in between, it may make more sense for the operator to leave the aircraft and crew in Charleston.  

If you are flying in or out of Charleston during these dates where the aircraft is transient, you may potentially be see some nice savings.  The plane is already in position, and the carrier may significantly reduce their rate for a trip that fits their schedule.

What is an Empty Leg Flight?

Empty legs are flights that are marketed by carriers as they reposition their aircraft either to their base or to pick up a guest.  The aircraft is traveling from A to B, regardless of any guests are on board.  If you can find an empty leg with similar routing and flight times to your trip, you can find substantial savings.  Empty legs are typically available for last minute travel.

You can search below to see if there are any empty leg flights that match up with your trip.  Keep in mind that prices are estimates, and what you see in this search will not be inclusive of every empty leg out there.  We encourage you to reach out to us directly to discuss your trip, including group size, aircraft preferences, and how flexible your schedule is.  And scroll on down to learn more about Empty Legs flights.

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