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Group Air Charter

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19-75 Passengers

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75 or More Passengers

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VIP and Dignitary Travel

Air Charter Worldwide for Large Travel Parties

Our expertise arranging charter flights for large groups is unmatched. With over twenty years of experience arranging group charter flights for sports teams, touring artists, corporations, and government entities, our team of professionals have access to thousands of aircraft and operators worldwide. Air Planning is the only U.S. charter brokerage with the experience of managing the charter operation of a fleet of 200+ aircraft on behalf of one of the nation’s most well-known airlines. 

Experience is everything. We’ll match your air charter needs with the right aircraft and air carrier. Then, our team will put our operational expertise to work ensuring that the myriad operational details associated with the today’s complex aviation system are attended to. We’ll make sure that any equipment or specialized baggage that you are traveling with is properly loaded and can be accommodated by the charter aircraft. Our ground services expertise and direct communication and coordination with passenger services and screening providers, aircraft fuelers, and airport authorities means that your flight is treated as a priority, not an afterthought.  

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