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Charter a Private Jet

Light Jet

1-8 Passengers

Mid-Size Jet

1-9 Passengers

Heavy Jet

10-19 Passengers

Looking to transport a smaller group of passengers? No matter the distance, there’s a private jet aircraft for you. Simply let us know the passenger count and routing and we’ll do the rest! 

If you’re traveling a relatively short distance (1-3 hours), a light jet is an ideal air charter solution for groups of 1-8 passengers. These nimble aircraft can serve even the smallest airports, making what was a hard-to-reach destination now a short and direct flight. 

If you have a longer flight in mind, or perhaps are looking for a bit more room and/or an enclosed lavatory, a mid-size business jet is a perfect fit. With room for 1-9 passengers and a range of 2,000-2,500 miles (approximately 4-5 hours) many international destinations are within reach without stopping for fuel. Longing for a visit to the Caribbean without the long lines and chaos? A mid-sized business jet charter can get you there in comfort nonstop with plenty of stand-up headroom. 

For that long-haul international or transcontinental flight, spread out and enjoy the luxuriously appointed cabin of a heavy jet. These aircraft have a nonstop range in excess of 4,000 miles and can carry 10-19 passengers. Your group, your schedule, your terms. Whether New York to Paris, London to Dubai, or Chicago to Dublin, arrive after a private nonstop air charter flight rested and ready. 

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