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Air Charter for Large Groups

Air Charter for 75 Passengers or More

Air Planning’s large group air charter services are the standard by which all others are judged.  With access to aircraft operators worldwide, we will provide options that meet your private jet charter needs at a competitive price. Our operational expertise ensures that the aircraft and related airport services requisitioned for your group charter program meet our high quality and safety standards. Even airlines rely on our experience in procurement services to arrange fuel, catering, aircraft handling, passenger check-in, diplomatic clearances, and flight approvals worldwide. This operational expertise translates into a better charter experience for all of our customers. Our vast market presence and buying power makes us well positioned to offer the best value to our clients. Larger group travel can be complex, requiring careful planning and attention to detail.  Put your trust in our decades of experience to make your group charter travel experience exceptional.

How to you make sense of different aircraft and airline offerings? What makes a lower charter airline cost a good choice, and when do you need to look beyond price to understand the value being offered? Our team will provide you with a number of airline options for your particular travel need. Then, we'll walk you through each proposal so that you understand different price points, aircraft types, and operator capabilities. We'll also inform you as to any airport operational concerns that may affect your flight.  While price matters,  there are other significant factors that can affect your air charter experience. Chief among them are the airline's operating and safety history, as well as their proven ability to minimize disruptions and respond to unforeseen events.  We leverage our market knowledge to help you choose the best value option.

Charter Flight Cost Calculator

Benefits of Private Air Charter:

  • Bypass the terminal and board directly from your private motor coaches.

  • No charges associated with name changes or luggage.

  • Eliminate unwanted connections.

  • Tailor the transportation schedule around your event.

  • In-flight enhancements (personalized headrest cover, menus, and activities).

  • Convenience of transporting your group on one aircraft.

  • Everyone arrives at the same time.

  • Charter transportation is private and secure.

  • Operate into and out of airports not served by scheduled service.

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