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The private air charter market is full of companies with little or no aviation experience that compete solely on price, racing to the bottom to undercut the competition. While price is of course important, selecting a private jet type and a private jet airline requires a considerable amount of knowledge and research. When is a good price a good value, and when is it the result of a substandard product? Air Planning is one of the founding members of the first associations in North America dedicated to raising both air carrier and air charter broker standards, and we utilize third-party auditing tools for every business jet charter flight that we arrange. 


Safety and quality should not be just a buzzword. To that end, our professionals utilize internationally recognized third-party audit standards to vet aircraft operators, aircraft and aircrews for every business jet charter flight. We are proud of our standing as a U.S. Government GSA contractor, and the standards that we must maintain to remain a supplier to a wide variety of government agencies. We have been arranging private jet charter missions utilizing both business jets as well as airliners to help our government clients achieve their air charter mission directives for over a decade. Our clients in both the public and private sectors deserve and receive the highest standards of service every time they trust Air Planning with their private jet needs. 


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