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Aircraft Management

Our advocacy does not end when the aircraft purchase transaction is complete. Often, defraying the cost of the private jet asset is a priority. We can help demystify aircraft management for owners that want to offer their aircraft to the private jet market and reduce ownership costs. Our team can assist with sourcing a suitable aircraft operator to manage the maintenance and operation of your private jet aircraft. If asset utilization is important, you can rely on our expertise to deploy the aircraft in the air charter market to defray ownership costs during idle periods. We will make sure that your private aircraft asset is well-positioned in the marketplace while also attending to the private jet travel needs of aircraft owners and their guests.  

Many of our customers have an obligation to protect client wealth and assets. We work for you, not an aircraft operator. This relationship ensures that someone is advocating for your interests by getting you the data and information that you need to make informed financial decisions relative to private jet ownership and management. 


Transparency is an integral part of our culture. Private aircraft ownership should not be a black box. We’ll help you to understand the costs associated with ownership along with the many benefits. Our team can also suggest how long you should hold the asset versus trading to another model.  

We'll make you an expert

Learn more about jet card programs, on-demand, aircraft ownership, and financing solutions by clicking on the links below.

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