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Flight Operations

With You at every Step of the Way

Hours before your private jet charter flight is scheduled to depart, Air Planning is monitoring the positioning flights of your aircraft. Our team will ensure that aircraft movements are on schedule and vendors are in place to provide services to your passengers and the aircraft. Should adverse weather or other type of event affect your schedule, our team will help you to make the necessary adjustments to minimize inconvenience to the travelers. 

In the complex world of modern aviation, schedules and plans can be disrupted. We encourage clients to acknowledge this reality, and then help them to develop effective contingency plans based on “what if” scenarios. This strategy creates a framework that deals with disruptions effectively, rather than pretending or hoping that they won’t happen. 


Air Planning's Duty Officers monitor flight operations around the clock, and will track adverse weather patterns, air traffic control congestion and aircraft delays. We furnish clients with up-to-the minute information regarding the status of their air charter flights. Not only will we be in constant communication with the air carrier and passengers, we can also keep other interested parties informed every step of the way. You can rely on our transparency and honesty to keep you apprised regardless of the situation, and to help you to navigate any change in schedule. 

Our FLIGHTWATCH systems are staffed twenty-four hours a day. Air Planning will keep you advised and informed, coordinating with you and your staff on a continual basis. 

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