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Air Cargo Charter Worldwide

Our air cargo division can arrange transportation for your air cargo on time, when you need it, delivered to where you need it. With access to hundreds of freighter operators worldwide, we will match your needs with the appropriate equipment at a competitive price. Whether your shipment is perishable, priceless, time-sensitive, or requires special handling, Air Planning is the only call you need to make. 

Out-sized Air Cargo

For heavy equipment and other very large pieces, nose-loading cargo aircraft are sometimes the only viable choice. We'll source the air charter market for operators worldwide to get your over-sized air cargo shipment to where it needs to be.


Critical Shipments

With access to light, mid-sized and heavy cargo business jets, as well as a variety to turboprop aircraft, we'll match your critical shipment to the right aircraft. Whether it is an organ for transplant or a piece of machinery to get a plant up and running again, our air cargo professionals will get your company back on track.

Air Cargo Cost

Air cargo costs are largely a function of how much, how big and how far. We’ll want to know what it is you wish to move (ensuring if it is HAZMAT it is treated appropriately), along with detailed weights and dimensions. We’ll also need to know the closest airport that you are able to get the cargo to as well as your desired destination. Depending on the size and weight of your cargo, we may need to utilize a large commercial airport that can accommodate a large freighter aircraft. Our team will walk your through what your responsibilities are as a shipper as well as who is responsible for “build and break” and other functions associated with air cargo transportation. It will also be important to understand if your cargo is temperature or pressure sensitive. While air cargo charter is the fastest and most efficient means of cargo transport, it does cost more than ocean, ground, or consolidating with freight on established scheduled routes. Air Planning can help you to determine if the cost trade-off for speed makes sense for you. 

Wide Body Cargo Aircraft
Turboprop Cargo Aircraft
Air Cargo Freight
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