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Air Charter Audit

How We Help Make Sense of Air Charter

We will audit your private flying to get an understanding of which approach is best. This begins with understanding the private flying needs and passenger preferences of our clients. We then audit your current solutions, such as on-demand air charter,  jet card / membership or outright ownership. From this information we help our clients to improve their private air charter strategy from both a quality as well as a cost perspective.


Our first step is to learn everything about you or your client’s private air travel needs. While some clients may know exactly what they are looking for, others may be interested in the idea of private air charter, but don’t know where to begin.  We have the tools to assist in both cases, and everyone in between.

We learn the “How’s”

  • How often do you fly?

  • How are you traveling? (one ways, round trips, same day round trips?)

  • How far are you traveling?

  • How many passengers?

  • How much luggage do you bring?

  • How much do you presently spend on air charter?

The Analysis

Understanding your private air charter goals will allow us to tailor the analysis and advise what private jet solutions best fit your individual needs.  We will provide an extensive cost analysis as well as explain the benefits and potential constraints of each option. We will also utilize third-party ARGUS auditing data, FAA records, and other tools to provide you with critical information such as air carrier incident and accident history, aircraft age, pilot experience, and aircraft condition. 


The Advice

Based on the outcome of our audit, we will develop a private flying road map  for  next steps.  Whether the decision is to purchase an aircraft, select a jet card program, or utilize on-demand air charter services, our team will work with you on putting your private jet flying into action.

The Service

After we help you to put your private air charter strategy in place, our team is available to arrange and manage every aspect of your private flying needs, from booking on-demand private air charters to assisting with aircraft ownership and management.

We'll make you an expert

Learn more about jet card membership programs, aircraft ownership, aircraft management and financing solutions by clicking on the links below.

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