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Flying Private Shouldn't be a puzzle

Know Your Private Jet Travel Options


With literally thousands of air charter operators and brokers to choose from, as well as the many "jet card" membership programs available, choosing the best option can be a daunting process. Our team will work with you to develop a private flying audit to determine what private air transportation strategy may serve you best. Our objective approach demystifies the seemingly endless options and identifies whether on-demand chartering, air charter membership/jet card program, aircraft ownership, or a combination of approaches is the best fit for your private flying needs. 


Beyond the initial concerns of price and aircraft type, what about operator and aircraft safety? Or the custody and protection of funds? Many of our clients have fiduciary matters to consider when procuring private jet travel.  Is a jet card program more economical than on-demand pay-as-you-go private charter? Is your business, family, or client a good candidate for aircraft ownership?  Because we are not invested in forcing a particular outcome, our staff will guide you through the market and help you build a solid private aviation strategy. 


Our professionals often recommend a combination of solutions that best meet your private aviation needs. This blended approach combines the best of on-demand air charter, jet card air charter membership programs, and ownership. We will also help you evaluate your private air travel strategy and assist with adjusting your approach as your private air charter needs change. Speak with an advisor today about how to achieve your private air transportation goals. 

We'll make you an expert

Learn more about jet card programs, on-demand, aircraft ownership, and financing solutions by clicking on the links below.

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