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Private Aircraft Ownership

Find out the facts about owning a private jet

What was once considered a perk of the incredibly affluent, aircraft ownership is increasingly recognized as an essential travel solution for many families and businesses. Our clients are often surprised at how well private aircraft ownership compares to other private jet travel strategies, especially when considered along with the tax and depreciation benefits of owning an aviation asset. Let us walk you through the analysis of aircraft ownership to see if it fits with your private air transportation goals.  


Aircraft ownership can surprising affordable compared to the other private flying approaches, and a savvy approach to private air charter travel. We can help simplify aircraft ownership and determine if owning versus on-demand air charter (or a combination of the two) is right for you. We start with understanding your air charter travel needs and preferences. From there we’ll build a profile of several private jet aircraft that match your travel lifestyle, ultimately helping you to choose the best aircraft for your company, your family, or both. 


For professional wealth and asset managers, being a part of the private air charter conversation is essential. It is critical that you understand the various strategies and approaches associated with flying private and can make suggestions based on education and understanding. Our team can assist you with navigating the air charter market to ensure that you can align your client’s travel preferences with their wealth management.  

We'll make you an expert

Learn more about on-demand charter, jet card membership programs, aircraft management, and financing solutions by clicking on the links below.

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