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Emergency Flights and Evacuations

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

News surrounding the recent Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic in China (and around the world) has taken over the airwaves and has forced corporations, governments and individuals alike to make quick yet very important decisions about how to move people out of dangers way with emergency flights.

Regardless of the specific type of emergency, the safest and quickest way to evacuate is a large group charter flight. Emergency flights out of foreign countries have their own set of specific and unique requirements. Put yourself, your employees, and your clients in the best position possible by working with an experienced air charter broker such as Air Planning that can quickly jump through hurdles and cut through the red tape.

Large Group Charter Flights During an Emergency

Service Agreements for Emergency Evacuations

Ideally, you will have an emergency response plan in place well in advance of any needs that incorporates large group air charter. The time to get around a conference table to figure out an evacuation plan is not during a global pandemic or when a hurricane is barreling toward your facility, but unforeseen circumstances such as the Coronavirus have caused a number of companies to scramble to find solutions based on the growing threat. Should you have an emergency evacuation need, a few initial questions need to be addressed:

  • Will you require a charter flight for a large group, or are business jets better suited for your air charter needs?

  • What about air cargo and personal affects?

  • Do any members of your travel party require an Air Ambulance?

  • How soon will you want to depart?

  • Where are the charter flights departing from/to?

  • Do you already have an emergency headquarters arranged?

  • Get together with your emergency response team and ask the hard questions that will enable you to develop an effective plan.

Inform Your Personnel of the Charter Flight Requirements and Evacuation Plan

Evacuation Charter Flight

Once you have developed a sound strategic air charter evacuation plan, it is important that everyone understands what the plan is. Take steps to ensure that the passengers don't arrive at the airport with baggage that can't be carried, pets that cannot be accommodated, and travel documents that are not appropriate for travel. Departures can often be delayed because the evacuation plan has not been made clear to everyone. Large group air charter evacuations are complex and dynamic. Evacuations and emergencies are stressful. Make sure that you have a clear plan that is articulated throughout your organization. This includes making sure that vendors and customers are also well-informed of the air charter evacuation process.

Have Payment Ready

Charter flight costs can be substantial in an emergency situation and air carriers will not move aircraft or schedule flight crews until they have payment. Forget about asking, "can I pay for the air charter after the flight?"

Wire is the preferred method of payment, however, ACH / check is acceptable as long as the funds are received prior to departure. Payment is the key factor for securing your private aircraft. As is the case in any emergency, demand for charter flights can be high and there are only so many operators that can accommodate. First come, first paid, first served.

Don't Wait

Emergency planning can get shuffled to the bottom of your pile of things to do. Don't let that happen. Organizations are frequently judged by how they deal with emergencies. Don't add to an emergency by not being prepared or waiting too long to address the situation.

Email us today to discuss your emergency charter flight needs or give us a call at 603-890-0044 to begin putting your emergency response plan in place.


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