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Your Plan to a Successful Emergency Large Group Air Charter Evacuation

Updated: Jun 12

With increasing uncertainty in the world today, many travel partners, companies, universities, non-profits and government entities are looking to evacuate citizens, clients, students and key partners with large group charter flights. While we recommend having an air charter plan in place as a part of your emergency response plan, should you require an emergency charter flight, now is the time to act quickly.

Don’t Wait

Here are some basic questions that you should address internally before contacting your charter partner for an emergency flight:

  • How many people are you looking to evacuate on your large group charter flight?

  • How soon are you looking to depart?

  • Do any of your members require an air ambulance?

  • Where are the air charter flights departing to?

  • Are you bringing pets or other animals?

  • What about air cargo and personal affects?

  • Do you have an emergency headquarters arranged?

  • Do you have the funds in place and ready to go?

Finding a Charter Partner

Selecting a reliable air charter broker to partner with is critical when coordinating an evacuation flight for a large group. Air Planning has been coordinating emergency evacuation flights for over 20 years. We even maintain emergency service agreements with hotel chains and cruise lines around the world. This operational experience is critical in managing the logistics required for an emergency evacuation charter flight.

Remember, emergency events create peak demand for aircraft in an already tight market. Things move quickly, and having the right partner will dramatically increase the odds of securing an aircraft in an emergency.

Have Payment Ready

Payment is a key factor in securing your private aircraft. Charter flight costs can be substantial, especially when demand for charter flights is high during emergency events. Carriers will not move aircraft or schedule flight crews until they have payment. Forget about asking, “can I pay for the air charter after the flight?”

Cash in hand gets priority. First come, first paid, first served.

Don’t Wait

If you have a need for an emergency evacuation or any questions about a potential evacuation, contact us today. Our team is available 24/7/365 via our 24 hour hotline at (603) 890-0044. You can also email us at


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