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To Business Jet or Not to Business Jet?

Updated: Jun 12

Whether you’re a project manager, agent, executive assistant, or just the person that does the doing, getting people from point A to point B can be fraught with logistics and complexity. A private business jet charter can solve all of this, but is it really always the right answer? While we would love for you to say, “Why YES! A thousand times YES!”, we appreciate that everyone has bosses and budgets. Sometimes commercial service is just fine. In this blog, we’ll help you make that determination.

How to Decide if a Business Jet is Right for Your Travel Needs

Fly Private Or Commercial?

Let’s say that you just got the email with the little red (and gratuitous) “High Importance” exclamation point urging you to solve the travel puzzle du jour. Do you press the easy button and call your charter broker? You could, but let’s think about that corporate travel budget. 

  • Is the itinerary between major cities?

  •  Is there a lot of scheduled service available? 

  • Can you get the appropriate seating class?  

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, and your priority is cost, then commercial service might work just fine for your group. Rarely does chartering a business jet price out lower than scheduled service. This, of course, makes sense. There is simply no comparison between the privacy, flexibility, convenience, and cabin appointments of a business jet and a commercial airliner. That said when cost is a key factor, and there is a lot of flexibility with the how and when you get there, sometimes scheduled service is the right tool for the job.  

When You Can’t Get There From Here

Sometimes it can be very difficult to get to a location not well-served by commercial service. It may require multiple stops, all of which adds time, complexity, and the risk of missing a connection. Add to that the burden and stress this places on your team. If you need to reach a truly remote location, the scheduled service flight might be only one piece of the travel odyssey.  our traveler might have to then endure additional hours on the road.  With business jet charter, you can get the group right to the location. Flying private also drastically reduces travel time by eliminating connections and stop-overs.

Do You Mind?

Privacy. You won’t find it on a commercial flight full of prying eyes and ears. This can make discussing sensitive topics very difficult. It can also make traveling for high-profile individuals daunting, and sometimes just plain ill-advised. Imagine a polarizing politician (is there any other kind these days?) on board a scheduled service flight. That could make for some very tense exchanges. Private air charter solves this problem.

When It Matters

Sometimes the stakes are just too high to trust the whims of the scheduled service gods. Before the biggest speech of her life, your CEO should not have her face pressed to the airport terminal window wondering, “why is there is still no aircraft at the gate three hours after I was supposed to depart!?”.  Private business charter is superlative when it comes to customizing a schedule and removing the many travel variables of the massive, complex, and often imperfect scheduled service system. The next time it really, really matters, consider the business tool of private charter. You’ll thank us later!


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