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The Value of Air Charter: The False Economy of Perceived Savings

Updated: Jun 12

Every company has to keep an eye on costs. We can appreciate that. There is, however, a fine line between a smart financial decision and the false economy of perceived savings. We often have a hard time appreciating savings that are further down the road and arguably may never materialize. We also sometimes view what in reality are necessities as luxuries, often to the detriment of ourselves and/or company.

We have seen this occur time and again with the choice between scheduled service and private air charter. “Well, private air charter would be more convenient, but it costs more.” Yes, it does cost more, but when you break down the additional cost versus what you are getting, the value of air charter is often better.

Measuring the Value of Air Charter

Schedule Risk Mitigation

Imagine that to close your biggest deal of the year, your team has to make a presentation in three different cities. Is it wise to rely on an airline’s schedule, which is intricately designed and dependent on so many variables? Should the slow-moving chatty guy in seat 10A that is blocking the aisle (and your connection to the next flight) with his giant bag be the determining factor between success and failure?

Flexibility = Less Stress

Let’s be honest, it’s just better. No turkeys sitting next to you (no really, turkeys are allowed on some airlines as comfort animals). No strangers on your flight. You choose the amenities and the menu. If luxury air travel is your thing then a private jet is the ultimate travel experience.

Imagine pulling up beside the aircraft and being whisked onto a private jet that is ready to take you there – wherever there is. In fact, if you change your mind, we can change the route. Try that on scheduled service. Actually, don’t do that, it will probably get you into trouble. Air charter transportation is designed around the passengers, not the other way around.

The Value of Air Charter is in The Solution it Provides

As demonstrated in the scenarios above, air charter is a travel solution. If you are a corporate travel or team manager and have to get 200 people to the same destination in time for the evening event, air charter is not a luxury, it is an air travel solution, especially these days when commercial flights are being booked to capacity.

Also, Imagine that these same passengers enjoyed their travel experience instead of having to endure it? The next time you are thinking air travel, we hope you will take a second look at private air charter.


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