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Looking to fly to Miami to watch the Super Bowl?

Updated: Jun 12

It's official, your favorite team is playing in the Championship Game and has its sights set on a Super Bowl! Now the real question, how are you going to get to the big game for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

Private Jet flying over Miami

Booking a Private Jet

It's Monday morning, the conference championship games are over and your team is officially heading to Miami for the big game! As you sip your cup of coffee and get logged into your computer to read all the reactions from yesterdays game, your boss yanks you into their office with an urgent assignment. Today, you are going to look into charter flight costs and book a private air charter to the Super Bowl. Easy, right? Don't panic, we've got your back. Below are a few pointers to get you started!

Private Business Jets to Miami

If you are looking into a charter flight for a small group of under 20 passengers, a business jet is probably your best option. There are three main categories you can explore in the business jet market: a light jet (1-8 passengers), mid-size jet (1-9 passengers), and a heavy jet (10-19 passengers). While your private aircraft may have enough seats for your travel party, you will also want to consider payload and luggage space. More specifically, will it fit all of your golf clubs? Another important factor to consider is the aircraft range - does your private jet have the range to fly nonstop into Miami, or is a fuel stop required?

Flying a Regional Jet to Miami

Is a business jet too small for your group? No problem, let's take a quick look at what the regional jet market has to offer. While not as luxurious as most business jets, reserving a private air charter on a Part 135 certified operator can be a great option for moving 20-70 passengers. As your broker, we will make sure you're fully vetted on the 30 seat turbo-props, 30 seat jets, 50 seat jets, and even the limited 70 seat jet options available to fly your group to Miami.

Large Group Charter Flights to Miami

So you made it this far, which means you really enjoy my writing or need information on booking a large group air charter for the entire office. While combining multiple private jets of various sizes is always an option, renting a private airliner for your large group charter will offer the most savings. Most airliners start with 150 seats, and pending on the carrier and aircraft, configuration will vary. If having a first class section is important for your private flight, make sure you let your broker know! Speaking of configurations, make sure you ask about those private VIP aircraft if you really want to earn some brownie points with the boss!

Miami Airports for Private Air Charter

Now that you have a general idea of the aircraft types, let's take a look at some of the airports in the Miami area for your private flight. While Miami has several airports to offer, if you are flying a large group charter, expect to arrive into MIA (Miami International Airport) or FLL (Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport). There are several smaller airports that can serve Business Jets and Regional Jets in the area as well:

Either way, large events such as the Super Bowl tend to increase airport traffic significantly and can limit available ramp space for private jet parking. Make sure you connect with your air charter broker early to ensure your ramp space is secured. So what are you waiting for, email us today to book your charter flight to Miami for the Super Bowl, or give us a call at 603-890-0044.


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