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Private Jet Travel to the Hamptons

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Crisp ocean air, a hot cup of coffee, and Ospreys diving down for their morning catch is just one of the many ways you can ease into your summer days at the Hamptons. From Water Mill to Montauk, you can trek the white sand beaches, meet new friends at the local wineries, or hit the tees at one of the dozen plus golf courses. Sounds nice, right? Call your air charter broker today, fuel up that private jet, and get down to The Lobster Roll to start your summer off right.


Not everyone has the luxury, or patience, to make the drive to eastern Long Island’s South Fork, better known as the Hamptons. I’ve seen that NYC traffic – no thank you! So what should you do? Call your trusted private air charter broker and book a private jet to the Hamptons. Easy enough, but wait! Which airport are you going to choose? Will your private aircraft meet the standards required for landing and departure? Oh jeez, now this is getting difficult. To make this a bit easier, below are the two airports we suggest.

East Hampton Airport (HTO)

I can see it now, your business meeting just wrapped up in Chicago, meaning your summer vacation has officially kicked-off! The wife and kids are 900 miles away enjoying the Children’s Museum of the East End and all you can think about is getting your private jet fueled up and put in the air for East Hampton Airport (HTO). With only 4,255 feet of open runway, you’ll want to make sure your private aircraft is suited for a safe landing and departure. A good charter broker will make sure your private jet meets the standards, if not you may be diverted to FOK, see below!

Francis S. Gabreski Airport (FOK)

With East Hampton (HTO) having a short runway that limits certain aircraft types, Francis S. Gabreski Airport (FOK) is a great alternative for your private jet. Whether it’s just you and a set of golf clubs in a Learjet, or maybe the whole family, dog included, on a Gulfstream 500, FOK puts you minutes away from the world-famous beaches and restaurants.

So what is it going to be, HTO or FOK? Call your private air charter broker to learn more and start planning your summer getaway to the Hamptons on your very own private jet.


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