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How Much does a Charter Flight Cost

Updated: Jun 12

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Anyone you ask would probably prefer the luxury of a private charter flight over the hassle of a scheduled commercial flight, though a private jet charter does come at a price. It’s easy to want something before proper analysis of what the budget allows. But once you consider all the benefits that come with a private air charter, you will soon realize that the value of private air charter service outweighs the cost incurred. 

Benefits of Private Air Charter

Maybe you are just curious about how much a private jet charter costs. Or maybe you’re interested in chartering but aren’t sure if it’s feasible. We’ve made it easier for you to weigh the costs and benefits of a private jet charter. When you charter a private jet, you’re paying for privacy, flexibility, and convenience. We’ve outlined below some of the benefits of chartering a private plane. 

Set your departure times

Stop scrolling through pages of commercial flight options trying to find an option that fits your schedule. Charter a private jet and enjoy the freedom of setting your own departure times. You can plan on arriving about thirty minutes prior to your departure time. 

Private planeside screening

That’s right, no long lines and no TSA. Drive up to the FBO where a team of handlers will be available to assist you and your party before you board your private jet. 

Baggage handling included

After sitting on a long commercial flight, walking the distance to baggage claim and gathering around a baggage carousel to wait for your luggage to appear is probably the last thing you want to do. Imagine a trip where you didn’t have to wait around and pull your bags from the belt. All luggage handling is included in the cost of your private air charter. 

Passenger manifest

You decide who flies with you. Feel free to revise your list of passengers hours before your private jet flight is scheduled to depart.

No assigned seating

No more anticipating who you'll be seated next to. You are welcome to assign seats any way you’d like or leave the entire aircraft as open seating! 


Leave the bags of pretzels for commercial flights and set your own menu for your private jet charter.

So, how much does it cost to charter a private jet?

This is a loaded question (we promise we’re not avoiding it). The cost of a private jet charter is dependent on a handful of factors. This includes your trip dates (avoid popular dates to save on costs), routing (BOS-LAX is more expensive than BOS-ORD, naturally), number of passengers (there are taxes and fees for this), type of aircraft, catering, and more.

That said, the cost of chartering a private jet is typically at least double the cost of commercial service per person. Keep in mind the many advantages that private air charter has over commercial service. Private jet charters offer an abundance of benefits that give you the most bang for your buck!

Call us today! 

Whether you have a request for a large group air charter, a business jet for executive travel, or maybe you and your friends just want to fly private for your next vacation, our team is available 24/7/365 to assist you. We’ll gather all available options and help you choose the right private jet for you. We’ll ensure that you are aware of all costs - no surprise invoices here! A good private air charter broker will make sure that everything is included and that fuel or de-icing costs are the only potential surcharges post-trip. If you’re looking for a quick estimate, feel free to use our online estimate tool or give us a call. Don’t be shy.


Charter Flight Cost Calculator

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