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Business Jet Charter: The Swiss Army Knife of Business Travel

Updated: Jun 12

Business Toy or Business Tool?

Air charter began to be seen in a negative light during the financial crisis, especially when CEOs of imploding corporations were arriving in their Gulfstreams to testify before congress. That type of PR is great for the headlines and nightly news, but how accurate is the premise that business travel utilizing private business jet charter is not smart business?

The Oracle of Omaha himself Warren Buffet is fond of telling the story of how he named his first business jet “The Indefensible” only later to select a new aircraft name, “The Indispensable”. Whether or not using a business jet for travel costs more than commercial air misses the point; Chartering a business jet solves problems that commercial air travel cannot.

3 Times Business Jet Charter Solved Business Problems

All of the following scenarios are based on actual situations whereby we were able to solve a business problem for our clients by arranging business jet travel on their behalf.

1. There is no Speech Without a Speaker

Imagine you have a major event and have booked an internationally known speaker for the keynote address. The success of your event relies on this speaker having a great performance. She is arriving to the U.S on a scheduled service flight, with a connection on a commuter flight to the event location. Due to this, you cannot guarantee she will get there on time. Isn’t it a bit risky to leave her attendance in the hands of the fickle commercial air travel Gods?

Why not ensure that the speaker arrives on schedule, is arrives rested, unhurried, and ready to give an amazing speech? Private air charter is the difference between that last leg of the journey happening or not. Business problem solved.

2. Did You Bring the Documents?

Someday offices may be paperless – today is not that day, and most likely tomorrow will not be either.  Documents, especially those all-important original documents that need to be at the board of directors’ meeting tomorrow, are still a critical component of business. Are you going to risk the biscuit and send it via express courier, or (gasp) entrust the USPS?

Sometimes, it is just too important to put things in an envelope and hope for the best.  You could put someone on a commercial flight with the documents and possibly face all of the risks associated therein (“Sorry sir, you are going to have to check that case of documents. We need to carry the captain’s guitar and there is no way that his axe is going below.”)

Instead, why not put those documents in a tidy little case and onboard a private charter aircraft where you control the schedule? You select what airports will be utilized, and you can rest assured that the documents get where they need to be. Additionally, there is the benefit of being able to have the staff accompany the documents. In doing so they can ensure that the documents have not be accessed or tampered with. Business problem solved.

3. Nobody Can Know About This

Your product launch is here and you are unveiling the product at the launch party. Your job is to figure out how to get the product to the launch party without anyone finding out, or worse, snapping photos. It is just too risky to bring the product through an airport. A private jet departing from and landing at a secure hangar along with security personnel takes care of your transportation challenge beautifully. Business problem solved.

Sure it’s Awesome…and it Works

There is no denying that business jet charter is private, flexible, and convenient. Flying private is awesome, just ask anyone that utilizes private air travel. It is also smart business. This is especially true when the stakes are very high and the person, paper, or product absolutely has to get there. The next time that you have to move someone or something, think air charter.


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