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How to Book a Private Jet

Updated: Jun 12

private business jet for corporations

It's Monday morning, your kids missed the bus again, and that darn intern took the last K-Cup! As you sit at your desk plotting your revenge, your boss arrives at your door, panicked about a last-minute client meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning. Don't pull a George Costanza and hide under your desk, take a breath, and a quick read on how to book a private jet charter.


When You Need a Business Jet Charter

Now that the intern is out of the way and fetching you a fresh cup of coffee, let's take a peek at where you should start when booking your boss a private business jet for charter. The first and most important detail to look at is safety. Make sure the air carrier is Part 135 certified and ask for a safety background report! While there are hundreds of Part 135 certified operators available for charter, many have had accident or incidents that you should be aware of. While some may be minor, others more serious. Getting quotes is the easy part! Knowing you're partnering up with a safe, reliable, and trusted air carrier is the hard part! An air charter broker can help you navigate the complex aviation market and make the best-value purchase.


Selecting the Right Private Jet and Operator

There are many factors that go into selecting the right private jet for an air charter flight. Many first-time charterers quickly discover that booking the cheapest option often comes with the most headaches - they're the cheapest for a reason! While cost should be considered, it's no secret that private charter flights are expensive.

Once your air charter broker has presented several options, make sure you ask about fleet depth (how many aircraft they have in their fleet), payload restrictions, year and make of the aircraft, and the last time it was refurbished. While the boss may just need a light jet for that private charter flight to the city, what happens if he or she wants to bring a passenger or two, and maybe some golf clubs? Clubs and people are heavy, and smaller jets may not be able to carry all of that payload. Most business jets come in three categories: light jet, mid-size jet, or heavy jet. Be sure that you are picking the right aircraft that will meet all of your needs. Ask questions about the operator. What experience has your broker had with using them for other clients? Would they recommend a higher-priced option over the lowest-priced option? Why? These types of inquiries will ensure that you are making a value purchase and not a lowest-price purchase. If your air charter broker is not adding value by guiding you to the best solution, you need another broker.


Ready, Set, Book That Private Jet!

Your boss needs to depart in less than 12 hours! Do you have your aircraft and crew assignments, permits, certificate of insurance, departure and arrival slots and confirmed ground handling? What about the catering? Most importantly, do you have a safety report from a recognized third-party auditing firm that specializes in business jet aviation? How do you know how much experience the pilots have? What are their qualifications, and how do they compare with peers? Be sure to ask your broker for these items. Information is power, and your boss deserves a professionally managed and procured private air charter solution - not headaches.


Charter Flight Cost Calculator

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