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Bon Voyage Hurricane Season, Smooth Sailing Ahead...Or is it?

Updated: Jun 12

Who is your evacuation air travel logistics specialist?

Weather the Storm

As we enter November and the end of Hurricane Season in the Atlantic, we look back and evaluate where we have assisted, and where we can increase our impact as brokers for air charter service. This past year we have assisted clients with emergency flights for staff evacuations and relocation efforts in Florida during Hurricane Dorian. We have helped cruise guests reach remote port cities in the arctic by chartering a private jet. And we have rescued passengers stranded in the Aleutian Islands after their cruise ship experienced engine issues.

Plan for the Unknown

There is no controlling the weather, and there is no controlling any other mechanical issues that may arise while at sea. Even the best maintained fleets are subject to an occasional malfunction or mishap. What you can control is how you handle the situation once an incident occurs. That planning should start well before there is an actual issue. Having an emergency response plan in place that includes air charter service for emergency flights and air ambulance can not only save valuable time, but could potentially save a lot of money in the long run. Buying tickets on commercial flights for hundreds of passengers at the last minute will be expensive, not to mention all the challenges of finding enough available seats on (more likely than not) multiple airlines. Logistically there are a lot of things to consider between hotel accommodations, ground transportation, port approvals, and customs and immigration checks. When you throw in flights it adds another level of complexity to an already overwhelming operation.

Time is of the Essence

We suggest to our clients to implement an emergency response plan which includes a master contract with a charter brokerage firm that can charter a private jet and handle all aspects of the flight on a moments notice. By doing all of the paperwork ahead of time, you save precious time that can be used elsewhere. Rather than negotiating contract language, or trying to source your own aircraft, you can focus on other pressing matters. Every minute spent working on finding flights could be used to address other more important logistical issues.

Assurance is the Best Insurance

Even insurance companies struggle to find large group air charters. We work in conjunction with insurance companies for medical evacuations as well as emergency disaster response and cruise ship evacuations. Insurance companies are calling us when they get stuck and can't charter a jet on their own. They know they can rely on us as an expert private air charter broker to help coordinate a private plane anywhere in the world. Air Planning can offer piece of mind and assurance that your company will not only have top priority when it comes to emergency evacuations among our clients, but in the large airliner charter market overall. Our industry relationships with all of the major air carriers allows us to have unprecedented access to aircraft and fleets around the world. Due to our high volume of bookings we have buying power in the market over other companies and individuals who try to book a private plane on a one time basis.

Planning is the Key

Air Planning, LLC can provide emergency flights for groups of any size, whether it is an emergency flight, air ambulance, a large group charter flight, or when you need to charter a plane to bring passengers to or from a remote port city. You can rest assured that you are in good hands and working with a private air charter broker who has experience and industry relations that can leverage those relationships to provide access to aircraft beyond commercial scheduled service flights.


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