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Air Charter Service - Delivering the Magic

Updated: Jun 11

How Chartering Private Aircraft Makes Much of our Entertainment Possible.

Did you See the That? 

A favorite American pastime is to talk about the entertainment we watched last night, plan to watch tonight or plan to binge-watch over the weekend. We love to be entertained and we love to talk about it. The new word (for some reason “watching” needed to be replaced) is consuming. A lot of production time and effort goes into what we consume, whether we’re at a live event or streaming on our phones. While we can watch just about anything, everywhere (including some places where we shouldn’t be at), the nuts and bolts of entertainment haven’t changed much.

Marching bands, sports teams, Lady Gaga skydiving into the Super Bowl, you name it – everything still happens in the three-dimensional world. This often means that people and things have to be moved from place A to place B, back to place A, maybe to place C, wait, we need to change that and go from A to D. Queue Air Planning… as a private aviation company, we help you, our client, to navigate this complex three-dimensional reality and provide you with a magical two-dimensional experience. That said, please stop texting and read on to learn more about how we move people and pieces to make it happen. 

Red Carpets, Airplanes and Air Charter Service

We recently had a client launch a new television program. The program was about an airline that we are quite certain could/should not exist. This airline is wildly entertaining. The network that they launched the program with needed a “real life” charter airline to allow us to redesign its aircraft’s exterior and add the made-for-tv airline’s logo and livery. 

Turns out there’s a solution for that and it’s called stickers. No really, there are special companies that design special decals for temporary use. The stickers can be applied to privately chartered aircraft for special events. Before you try to book them for your family’s flight to Disney, it is not cheap, not to mention JetBlue wouldn’t let you do it anyway. A typical “wrap job” might cost $40,000 – $50,000. Those are some expensive stickers!  

The client only needed the aircraft for a day. One day. And during that day the client needed private air charter transport to and from a red-carpet premiere event for 100 fabulous cast and crew. All of that, using the real charter airline with a redesigned exterior, wrapped in stickers. After some press photo ops ramp-side, our group of VIPs boarded their private jet and were whisked to and from their premier event. A one-day event was made possible by weeks of careful planning and logistics. Reality meets TV. 

Fluegels, Melophones, Euphoniums, Oh My! 

What on earth are these things, and what do they have to do with using an air charter service to charter a private jet?

  1. We don’t know what they are. 

  2. What we do know is that our marching band clients travel with them. 

  3. Marching bands travel with a LOT of band equipment.   

How do you get 300 banders and their 10,000 – 15,000 pounds of gear to the event? Air Planning to the rescue! As you can imagine, it would be very difficult to check all of this equipment at a ticket counter. And what happens once it disappears behind that flappy black thing? Transportation through air charter service allows flexibility for motor coach to effectively transfer musicians and instruments to chartered aircraft. The band director can monitor the gear as it is lovingly placed in the belly of their own private charter bird. At the final destination humans, fluegels, melophones, and so forth can deplane from their private flight to transfer to their motor coaches, and off to their event site. No lost baggage… Everyone arrives at the same time. That’s music to our ears. 

The next time you are joyfully consuming entertainment, rest assured that it was created with a lot of behind-the-scenes activity and many times air charter services are a critical component of success. Now go and binge watch something!

Truthfully, our charter flights were the only thing that ran smoothly and the flight staff was awesome. They took great care of us and wished us well at the game. Again, you and your entire company were awesome!!!  On behalf of the Band Boosters, Staff and Marching Band Members, I can’t thank you enough – Phillipsburg HS Band & Band Boosters


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