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5 Benefits of Private Jet Travel

Updated: Jun 11

Have you ever considered private jet travel? Before you write it off, think about the following. What time do you have to get up to make your commercial flight?

We have all done this backward countdown when we are flying commercial to a destination.  Mine often goes something like:

“Let’s see, if the flight is at 8:00 AM, we need to be there by 6:00 AM, add the drive (shouldn’t be more than an hour at that time of day), shower and get dressed, try to remember last minute items (oh yeah – I CAN’T forget to bring that book), get the kids ready…wait, what? – I have to get up at 3:00 AM tomorrow?!” 

If you want to avoid this you could just choose a more leisurely time to depart, but by then you are dealing with heaps of traffic and trying to find parking. You become the salmon swimming upstream, just to get to the security checkpoint, where the real fun begins. The kids are exhausted and your spouse just wants to go home. There has to be an easier way. Is there? Of course, there is.

The Answer to Your Dream Travel Experience Is Private Jet Travel

Private jet travel is convenient, flexible and of course, private. These qualities work together to provide you and those you are traveling with the travel experience that dreams are made of. Imagine if your travel to the airport and boarding your aircraft went like this:

  1.  Private air charter allows you to depart from the airport that is minutes from your home that is not served by commercial airlines.

  2.  Stop worrying about how early you have to get up.  Choose your departure time, and plan on arriving for your private jet flight about thirty minutes prior.

  3.  If you are running late, just call our 24-hour Duty Officer, and they’ll make sure that everything is waiting and ready for when you do arrive.

  4.  Drive up to the private aviation terminal (free parking by the way) and being greeted by friendly staff waiting to walk you just a short distance to your private aircraft?

  5.  You won’t have to worry about your luggage when you are greeted with, “oh, you have luggage? Let us take that for you.”

All of this, and you have not even stepped onto your private jet yet. Once onboard, sink into an oversized leather chair, swivel around, recline, and enjoy a pre-departure beverage or surf on your tablet. Once you are on board, the key is to relax.

The crew will introduce themselves and give you a personal briefing of the flight details.  No sneezing strangers, no fighting for bin space, no waiting in line, no stress.  Once you are wheels up, you don’t need to worry about sleeping through the beverage service. Sleep away, and when you feel like it, dig into that custom catering your air charter broker arranged for you. Upon arrival, your only job is to slip into the sedan waiting next to the aircraft.  Enjoy your vacation and look forward to a flawless private jet charter flight home.

So, the next time you are standing in the first of many queues before you can even get to the aircraft and are wondering if there is an easier way – remember that there is always private jet travel.


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