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The Bombardier Learjet 55 incorporates the best elements of its light jet counterparts with a larger fuselage that has been designed to enhance its aerodynamic capabilities to decrease drag.  Production ran from 1979 - 1987, with 147 Learjet 55 aircraft delivered.  It has since been replaced by its successor, the Learjet 60. 

The Learjet 55 is typically configured for between 7 and 10 guests.  One of the most popular private jets to charter on-demand, this aircraft was designed with an open cabin with a focus on comfort and amenities.  The typical cost to charter a Learjet 55 is between $3,000 - $3,500 per hour.  This jet is also commonly configured as an Air Ambulance for medical emergency flights.

Mid size jets similar to the Learjet 55 are cost effective private jet options for mid size groups.  But if your travel party is on the higher end of the aircrafts capacity, another thing to consider will be cargo space.  Looking to travel with golf clubs or multiple pieces of luggage for an extended getaway?  You may require a larger private jet better suited for your needs.

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