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The Bombardier Learjet 60 follows its predecessor, the Learjet 55.  Its newest model, the Learjet 60XR began production in 2007, and has over 112 jets in service.  With a longer cabin and improved engines, this mid-size private jet was designed with maximum space with strong performance.  With a sleek aerodynamic design, the Learjet 60 can climb at up to 4,500 feet per minute, cruise at speeds of up to 460 mph, has a range of over 2,100 miles, and operates efficiently with a fuel burn of just over 200 lbs per hour.  

Standard seating configurations for this jet between 6 and 8 guests.  It is also known to be configured for Air Ambulance for medical emergency flights.  The cost to charter this private jet is around $3,500 per hour.

The Learjet 60 continues to remain a popular midsize jet.  With operators stationed throughout the US, this aircraft can usually be found relatively close to your location, cutting down on ferry costs.

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