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Beechcraft King Air 200

King Air 200 Specifications



BE-200 King Air- Passenger Count
BE-200 King Air- Aircraft Range


King Air K200 - Cargo


(cu ft)
BE-200 King Air Lavatory


BE-200 King Air - Cabin Width
Cabin Width


BE-200 King Air- Cabin Length
Cabin Length


BE-200 King Air- Cabin Height
Cabin Height


Cruise Speed


BE-200 King Air Cruise Speed

The Super King Air 200 is a part of the Beechcraft Super King Air family.  This turboprop first flew in October 1972, and after several upgrades over the years, remains in production today.   This aircraft has also been used by several branches of the US Military, including Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, as well as the Canadian Forces, Royal Airforce and as an Air Ambulance around the world for medical emergency flights.

Its latest model, the King Air 250, is one of the most popular business turboprops in the world.  With generous interior space for up to 9 seats and up to 55 cubic feet of cargo space, this turboprop is a more cost effective option for midsize jet, coming in the $2000 per hour range.

While this turboprop aircraft offers a lower cruise speed, less range, and is a little louder than a typical private jet, it can be a comfortable, alternate option for groups looking to travel private but may be on a tighter budget.

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