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Types of Aircraft used for Medical Emergency Flights

There are several types of aircraft that are used to transport patients around the world.  For shorter transports, a helicopter may be the most efficient and cost effective option.  But what do you do if you need to get transported across the country, or even worse, from one country to another for a medical treatment or in an emergency?

Many Air Ambulance operators have reconfigured light or mid-size jets for the purpose of transporting one or two patients.  Much like the general private jet and business jet market, aircraft availability and positioning is key.  In most cases, Air Ambulance flights are coordinated same day or with only a couple days notice.  

Below is an overview of a few aircraft that have been configured as an Air Ambulance.

Learjet 35 - Air Ambulance

The Bombardier Learjet 35 is a light jet that is commonly configured as an Air Ambulance for medical emergency flights.   

With a range of around 2,000 miles, this Air Ambulance will typically seat 1-3 passengers with space for a custom stretcher and specialized medical equipment.

More information on the Learjet 35 can be found here.

Learjet 35 - Swiss Air - Air Ambulance

Cessna Citation- Air Ambulance

This versatile light jet is another common air  ambulance that's capable of quickly and efficiently moving its patients and caregivers in need of medical emergency flights. It has a range of roughly 2,000 miles.

Click here for more information on the Cessna Citation.


Gulfstream - Air Ambulance

With an extended range of nearly 3,500 miles, this air ambulance is capable of long international moves, while keeping its patients comfortable and safe .

More information about Gulfstream private jets can be found here

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