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How to book a flight for a large group like a high school band

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Disney/ Macy's Marching Band Trip
Strike up the band- Charter Flights saved the day!


The best way to book flights for large group, is to use an air charter broker. That is because using commercial flights or "group space" has its limits. The term Group Space is designed for groups of 9+ but in reality is typically capped at about 20 passengers. Most airlines are unable to accommodate truly large groups of 100+ passengers anymore due to the nature of online ticket sales and third party companies whereby they are reserving seats for different third party companies. That's where an air charter broker comes in. We have access to large aircraft that can accommodate the entire group on one direct flight. The flight itinerary is totally customizable including departure and arrival times out of each city. While there are added costs for the benefits of a charter flight, the price difference between commercial and charter may be closer than you may think.


Is your student travel group (chorus, marching band, jazz ensemble, dance, etc.) performing at Disney World in Orlando? If so, you could fly into Orlando (MCO) or you could consider flying into Sanford Regional Airport (SFB) just outside Orlando to save additional costs. Flights to Orlando are always popular and finding direct commercial flights is usually pretty easy. With that said, it is however becoming increasingly difficult to book group space for groups larger than 20 people. Charters can offer direct flights from smaller cities and even cities that don't normally have scheduled service routes to Florida.


Just like Orlando or any other major city, There are reliever airports in California when trying to get to Los Angeles. Flying into Burbank or even Long Beach could have significant cost savings and can help your group avoid the hassles of a major international airport and all of the traffic that goes along with it. Speaking of traffic, we can work with the group to determine if all of the equipment and instruments can fit on the aircraft rather than renting a truck or using ground transportation in addition to the flight.


Flying to New York around Thanksgiving is always expensive. That is because demand is high on commercial flights and that translates to charter as well. Thanksgiving is a peak travel period for air travel as well as every other form of travel. One way to avoid the high prices is to book early or as far in advance as possible (6+ months in advance). Now most commercial airline tickets are not available until 6-8 months out depending on the carrier, but some charters can be arranged up to a year in advance.

When Booking a flight for a large group such as a band or chorus group, you may want to consider flying off peak hours. So rather than departing at 9:00am when other flights are departing, you could consider departing at 7:00am. Or even a redeye flight. This allows more room in the airline's schedule and can help reduce costs for the group.


  • Check commercial flights and posted rates for your closest airport

  • Contact Air Planning, LLC to compare rates with a private charter flight

  • Get estimates ahead of time to help with fundraising targets a year in advance

  • Consider moving to a regional airport or reliever airport to save costs

  • Consider early morning flights for additional cost savings

  • Book your private charter flight with ease

  • Avoid baggage fees

  • Enjoy your trip to Disney!


Charter Flight Cost Calculator

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