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Charter a Private Jet to Los Angeles for the Super Bowl

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

JetBlue Charter Flight LAX
JetBlue A320 Departing LAX

Charter a Private Jet to Los Angeles

Flying private to the Super Bowl is going to be a little bit easier this year with the game being held in Los Angeles. Similar to New York City, the Los Angeles market has a large number of private jet operators that can offer charter flights to the Super Bowl. Booking a business jet is a great option for those traveling with 1-15 passengers. Rates will vary pending on the aircraft type and routing. Wondering how much a private flight to the Super Bowl might cost? Try out the Charter Flight Cost Calculator for an initial estimate!

In addition to several operators in the Los Angeles area, there are several area airports to choose from. Have you considered Burbank, Santa Ana or Long Beach? With very high demand around a major event like the Super Bowl, you may be limited on choices as slots start to get booked up.

Gulfstream G-650ER Seat Map
Seat Map: Gulfstream G-650ER

Charter a Regional Jet to Los Angeles

What happens if your group size is larger than 15 people, but less than 50? You can either book two business jets, or look at a regional jet. Most business jets have a capacity for 15 passengers, and very rarely does everyone get their own Captain's Chair. As you can see in the seat map above, even the ultra-long-range Gulfstream G-650 requires three passengers to share a divan (couch).

The fix? Charter a 30 seat regional jet. While a regional jet will not offer the same VIP caliber flight experience of a private jet, it offers cost efficiencies for larger groups with a customized, private travel experience. With a range of up to 3.5 hours, a regional jet is not ideal for flying cross country to Los Angeles, unless you're okay with a fuel stop. However, if you're flying private to Los Angeles from Phoenix (PHX), Dallas (DFW, DAL, FTW, AFW), Denver (DEN, APA, COS), or from another city in California, a 30 seat regional jet can fly nonstop and get your group to the Super Bowl.

Large Group Charter Flights to The Super Bowl

Teams that make it to the Super Bowl often charter larger aircraft in addition to their private team flight to account for family and staff. The narrow bodied aircraft used for large group charters often average between 150-183 seats. For example, JetBlue's fleet of A320s and A321s, have 157 seats (A320) and 197 seats (A321). There are two ways you can book your large group charter flight:

  1. Terminal Operations is just like a normal day at the airport, parking in the garage and reporting to main terminal for check-in. However, with a private charter, your group will have it's own assigned ticket counter for check-in. Once checked-in, passengers will proceed through TSA before reporting to the Gate where their chartered aircraft is parked and ready for boarding.

  2. Ramp/FBO Operations is more of a private jet charter experience. The aircraft is parked at a remote location at the airport and handled by a private facility called an FBO. Most groups opt to report to the FBO in buses (in fact, some FBO's will require you to arrive in buses due to lack of on-site parking or lack of space in the FBO for a large group). From there, airport staff can escort you plane-side where private screening and check-in will take place.

With so many options available, it never hurts to contact a trusted air charter broker who can cover the entire market and make sure all available options are on the table for review. When planning a private air charter to a large event such as the Super Bowl, time matters. The earlier you plan, the more aircraft options you will have for consideration, and you will most likely find the best rates. In addition, airports can only accommodate a certain number of aircraft at at time. During large events, they often turn away aircraft simply because they don't have any place to park.

Have you starting planning yet? Contact us at go get started.


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