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Charter the Saab 2000

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

saab 2000 jet aircraft
Saab 2000 Exterior

Sports Team Charter Flights

Picking the right aircraft for your team charter flight is a big decision, especially if you're in the market for a 30 seat regional jet. For domestic charter flights, if you need to charter a private plane for 20 - 30 passengers, you can expect to see the Embraer 135 (ERJ-135), Dornier 328 (D328), Embraer 120 (EBM-120), and the Saab 2000. These aircraft are ideal for basketball teams, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, and even college hockey teams.

Bands and Touring Groups

Similar to sports teams, bands and touring groups often book 30 seat regional jets while flying private. Even with 10-18 passengers, bands and touring groups fly private using regional jets to accommodate the additional luggage and equipment. While executive jets are a great resource, they lack the cargo capacity required for heavy loads.

Corporate Shuttles, Company Incentives, and Retreats

Planning a company retreat or perhaps you need to move a group of employees to a new plant? What happens when your corporate fleet is too small? Chartering a regional aircraft is a growing trend amongst corporate offices which is why knowing the market is important.

Introducing the Saab 2000

The Saab 2000 is one of the largest 30 seat aircraft available for private charter in the United States. At nearly 55 feet long, 6ft tall, and over 7ft wide, the interior cabin offers ample space for passengers. To compare, the Embraer 135 (ERJ-135) is roughly 13ft shorter while the Dornier 328 (D328) is 21ft shorter. This is how the Saab 2000 is able to offer a seat pitch of 51".

Originally manufactured as a 50+ seat aircraft, the Saabs available for charter in the United States have been reconfigured down to 30 seats to optimize performance and passenger comfort. Yes, the Saab is a turboprop, but is it loud and slow? No. The Saab 2000 is unmatched with its combination of power, speed, rate of climb, and short runway capabilities.

flying private Charlotte to Dallas
Charlotte (CLT) to Dallas (DFW)

Not only is the Saab 2000 one of the largest 30 seat regional jets available for charter in the United States, it's capable of traveling with up to 7,500lbs of payload with a 3.5 hour range. For example, the Saab 2000 can fly nonstop Charlotte, NC (CLT) to Dallas, TX (DFW) with room to spare.

For sports teams, bands, and touring groups, luggage and equipment is an area often overlooked. Many 30 seat aircraft can't accommodate both luggage and equipment for traveling sports teams or bands. However, the Saab 2000 offers abundant cargo capacity for traveling with equipment. For example, if you're a college hockey team you probably have 18 standard hockey bags, 2 goalie bags, a half dozen stick bags, 40 roller bags (personal luggage), and 10 larger trainer bags/trunks. All of this is estimated around 240 cubic feet based on other hockey charters arranged. The Saab 2000 has 300 cubic feet in the cargo compartment, plus an additional 30 cubic feet inside the cabin, plus the overhead bins and under-seat storage for personal items.

Booking the Saab 2000

Whether you're a sports team, corporate office, chamber of commerce, or a general group with up to 30 passengers, you should at least consider the Saab 2000 as it offers passenger comfort, sufficient payload abilities, short runway capabilities, and runs at the lowest hourly rate compared to the rest of the 30 seat charter market.


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