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Aircraft Safety & Quality Standards

You cannot put a price on safety. While we recognize the need to provide cost-effective options, we will never do so at the expense of safety and quality.

Our goal is to offer the best value to our clients while at the same time meeting our high safety and quality standards. Too often, price drives air charter purchase decisions when in fact best value should be the determining factor, with safety above all. While price of course is important, it needs to be understood in the context of an air carrier’s operational history (including any incidents or accidents), historical performance with our clients, and a demonstrated compliance disposition when it comes to following regulations. 


All the air charter operators that we utilize on behalf of our clients must meet stringent FAA (or foreign equivalent) regulations regarding maintenance, pilot training and safety. We do not utilize operators unless they possess a valid Part 135 or Part 121 operating certificate. Additionally, Part 135 charter airlines and business jet operators are subject to recognized third-party audit procedures that utilize FAA and NTSB data and records. We also maintain a vendor quality assurance program that monitors on-time performance, aircraft condition, crew professionalism and client satisfaction. If a vendor does not maintain or exceed our quality standards, they will not be included in our worldwide vendor pool. 

​When you initiate a charter request, our team of experts will find the optimal solution for your private jet charter experience while keeping safety top-of-mind. 

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