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What is a Fuel Base in an Airline Contract? | Air Planning

Updated: Jun 13

Fuel being pumped into an airplane

When it comes to airlines, fuel base is a term that is often thrown around without much explanation. In this blog post, we’ll explain what a fuel base is and how it can affect the cost of flights.

What is a Fuel Base?

A fuel base is an agreement between an airline and its customer for the cost of fuel that will be used for a particular flight or series of flights. This agreement typically includes details about the types of aircraft being used, the distance being traveled, and other factors related to aircraft performance. The airline will then be responsible for all fuel costs up to and including this amount.

The purpose of establishing a fuel base is to create certainty regarding the costs associated with a particular flight or series of flights. By agreeing on a fuel base, both parties can have more confidence in their budgeting process since they won’t have to worry about unexpected fluctuations in fuel prices or other factors that could cause unanticipated increases in cost.

What is a fuel surcharge?

A fuel surcharge is an additional cost that airlines may add to the cost of a flight. This charge is typically based on an increase in the price of fuel, and it is designed to cover the increased costs associated with higher fuel prices above the cost of the fuel base. Fuel surcharges vary depending on the airline and other factors related to the flight, and they can be significant depending on the cost of fuel at a particular locations as well as other factors, such as the length of flight and aircraft type.

Education is KEY

When air charter brokers or airlines don't educate customers about fuel bases, it can often lead to artificially low fuel bases being used. This means that the customer may end up paying more for their flight than they had originally anticipated due to unexpected increases in fuel prices. Additionally, if a broker fails to accurately educate the customer of the cost of fuel at airports , this could lead to additional unexpected costs for the customer.

Overall, understanding what a fuel base is and how it affects the cost of flights is essential for businesses looking to manage their air charter costs. By establishing a realistic fuel base up front, customers can be sure that they won’t be hit with unexpected or unreasonable increases in cost. Additionally, customers should always make sure that they are being properly informed about fuel charges and other related costs before signing any contracts with an air charter broker.


Understanding what a fuel base is and how it works can help customers better manage their budgets when booking air charter. Having an agreed-upon fuel base helps ensure that customers know exactly what they’re getting into before booking a flight – no surprises! Additionally, it also allows airlines to budget more accurately and not having to overestimate the cost of fuel, resulting in lower costs for customers. By educating yourself on the basics of fuel bases and fuel surcharges, you can ensure that you are getting the best deal when it comes to air charter services.

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