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Hawker 400 / Beech jet 400

Hawker 400 Specifications



Hawker 400- Passenger Count
Hawker 400- Aircraft Range


Hawker 400 - Cargo
(cu ft)


Hawker 400- Lavatory


Hawker 400 - Cabin Width
Cabin Width


Hawker 400- Cabin Length
Cabin Length


Hawker 400 - Cabin Height
Cabin Height


Cruise Speed


Hawker 400 - Cruise Speed

The Hawker 400, also known as the Beech Jet 400, was originally designed and built by Mitsubishi  in the late 1970's. Further developed by the Beech Aircraft Company and Raytheon over the years, the Hawker 400 and Hawker 400a continue to be one of the most used jets in the world for corporate travel.

The cabin boasts 6-8 seats and has an enclosed lavatory.  With a slightly longer cabin than the Learjet 31, the Hawker 400 could be just the right fit for your next charter requirement, and a Hawker 400 will cost typically cost between $2,500 - $3,000 an hour to charter.

Looking to book a jet for corporate travel?  Be sure to ask about the configuration of the jet and seating capacity.  You will want to ensure that you are not counting on a belted lavatory seat for that last passenger.  If you are counting on a belted lavatory seat, things could get awkward.

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