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Air Planning Applauds DOT's "Broker Rule"

Updated: Jun 12

Salem, N.H. – The DOT’s long-awaited air charter broker regulations, better known as the “Broker Rule”, will take effect in February of 2019. Air Planning, LLC, a leading U.S. air charter broker, applauded the release of the rule, citing enhanced protections for air charter consumers. "A number of reputable air charter brokerages have been collaborating with DOT for many years to craft common sense regulations that protect air charter consumers. The regulatory changes announced by DOT in 2018 are intended to curb the practices of unscrupulous brokers, including entering into a contract with a consumer and accepting a deposit for a phantom aircraft that does not exist," said Scott Bickford, Air Planning's Chief Executive Officer.  Bickford added, "These practices expose air charter clients to financial, and possibly safety risks, by offering lower pricing than what is really available in the market. This race-to-the-bottom model rewards cut-rate air charter operators with small fleets, older aircraft, and limited safety and maintenance resources, while quality air charter operators suffer. This practice has gone on for far too long."

In addition to several other required disclosures, the new regulation mandates that air charter brokers not mislead air charter consumers into believing that the air charter broker is an air carrier. Further, it requires air charter brokers to disclose, prior to entering into a contract for a flight, the proposed air carrier's identity, the capacity in which the broker is acting, and the existence or absence of liability insurance held by the air charter broker covering the charterer, passengers, and property. 

Founded in 1999, Air Planning arranges private jet charter transportation globally on behalf of sports teams, corporations, government agencies and ultra-high net-worth individuals.

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