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Beechcraft King Air K90

King Air K90 Specifications



Gulfstream G550 - Passenger Count
Gulfstream G550 - Aircraft Range


Gulfstream G550 - Cargo
(cu ft)


Gulfstream G550 - Lavatory


Gulfstream G550 - Cabin Width
Cabin Width


Gulfstream G550 - Cabin Length
Cabin Length


Gulfstream G550 - Cabin Height
Cabin Height


Cruise Speed


Gulfstream G550 - Cruise Speed

The Beechcraft King Air family stands as a symbol of aviation resilience and versatility, with the King Air K90 spearheading a legacy of dynamic performance and sheer reliability. Born from a lineage that has continuously evolved to meet the demands of time, the King Air K90 combines the robustness expected of turboprop aircraft with the luxury that passengers covet during their travels. With its spacious cabin and impressive speed, the King Air K90 has become a popular choice for both business and leisure flights.

The King Air K90 boasts an impressive maximum cruising speed of 333 knots (380 mph), making it one of the fastest turboprop aircraft in its class. The aircraft's cabin, designed with attention to passenger experience, invites occupants into a world where convenience meets luxury. Leather seats that contour to the body’s natural shapes, ample legroom ensuring freedom during the flight, and noise reduction features to enhance communication and rest, all come together to create an ambiance that rivals the serene solitude of the skies it soars through.

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