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Air Planning is with you every step of the way.


Beginning with the recommendation of appropriate aircraft options, negotiating with carriers on your behalf, and coordinating every aspect of your air charter program from start to finish. This includes addressing contractual issues, appropriate naming of additionally insured, and coordinating the airport services that will be required for your charter program. 

When the day has come for your departure, our team will be working behind the scenes to track aircraft movements, airport operations and even your ground travel progress to ensure that all the pieces of the complex air charter puzzle fall into place. In the event of adverse weather, we’ll discuss contingency planning to deal with potential schedule disruptions ahead of time. Our 24/7/365 availability means that we can respond to your needs immediately, ensuring that your private air charter flight proceeds as smoothly as possible. 

Our clients include scheduled and charter airlines that rely on our expertise to arrange ground handling and related aircraft services at airports around the world. That same expertise and experience is a tremendous benefit to our charter clients. 

Air Planning assists air carriers with negotiating and arranging the purchase of aircraft fuel, ticket counter space, airport staff, jet-ways, baggage handling, catering, landing rights approvals, over-flight permits, and crew accommodations. Our capability to support air carriers in this manner vastly improves the charter product for our clients. 

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