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Is it Time for Your Team to Own an Aircraft?

Updated: Jun 12

Is Your Team Considering Aircraft Ownership?

As a professional sports team executive or owner, you understand the challenges involved in scheduling team air charter travel while ensuring an optimal travel experience for the team. A number of teams have already made the switch from air charter customer to aircraft owner, and others are considering it. Let's explore why owning an aircraft for team travel might be beneficial for your team, despite the additional cost involved.

Control Over Your Travel Schedule

One of the most significant benefits of owning an aircraft for team travel is the control you'll have over your travel schedule. When your team uses a commercial airline, you have to work around their flight schedules, and you are often at the mercy of their delays and cancellations. When you own your aircraft, you can tailor your travel schedule to your team's needs, ensuring stress-free travel and optimal rest.

Ability to Customize Aircraft Interior

Another key benefit of owning your own aircraft is the ability to customize the interior to your team's exact needs. From the seating configuration and passenger amenities to the in-flight entertainment system, you can create a space that complements your team's culture and needs. A well-appointed interior can enhance productivity and performance for the entire organization.

Exceptional Branding Opportunity

When your team owns an aircraft, you have a unique marketing tool at your disposal. You can customize the exterior of the plane with your team's colors, logo, and branding. When your aircraft takes off and lands in airports all over the country as well as internationally, it'll serve as a marketing tool for your team, communicating your brand to millions of people.

What About Costs?

Commercial aircraft are designed to operate long range flights for hundreds of hours per month over a very long lifespan. Because of the low utilization of a team (likely less than 150 hours in a year), the costs to maintain an aircraft on a Part 121 certificate will exceed the costs of utilizing air charter, just as buying a vehicle is more expensive than using Uber. However, these costs can be defrayed if the aircraft resides on a Part 121 certificate (and not a dubious Part 125 certificate). Ownership is a value and brand play, not a cost-savings effort. In a few easy steps our team can develop a cost model to help you decide if aircraft ownership is right for your organization.

Let's Talk

Replacing air charter team flying with owning an aircraft is a significant investment for a team, but it provides several exceptional advantages. You'll have complete control over your travel schedule, can customize the aircraft's interior to your team's needs and have an impressive marketing tool, with some of the cost offset by offering it in the air charter market.

If you're considering buying an aircraft for your team, it's essential to work with a reputable aviation consultant and team travel experts who can guide you on the process and ensure that it aligns with your specific needs and priorities. Overall, owning an aircraft for team travel can enhance your team's brand, increase their productivity, and provide an exceptional team travel experience.


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