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Honor Flight takes Blount County Veterans to DC

Air Planning had the pleasure of assisting the Honor Flight Network bring Blount County veterans to Washington, DC on a charter flight to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and other memorials in the National Mall. This was the first time that veterans were able to fly directly from Birmingham, Alabama to Washington, DC.

The Blount County community helped to raise funds to send these veterans to the Nation’s Capital to honor their service and sacrifice during their time in uniform. These men and women were accompanied by family and guardians and given a true heroes welcome in both DC and in Alabama when they returned. With water canon salutes and supporters in each city, the veterans received warm welcomes all around.

The Honor Flight Network works with communities all over the country to provide this special gift to veterans. It is with the help of community members and these Honor Flight Chapters across the country that we can recognize and celebrate these veterans, especially the Vietnam veterans, many of whom have not received a proper hero’s welcome home.

If your local Honor Flight Hub is planning an upcoming trip to our Nation's Capital, Air Planning is available to assist.


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