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Don't Fumble Your Super Bowl Air Charter

Updated: Jun 12

So You’re Going to the Big Game on a Private Jet?

Wonderful. What could be better than avoiding all of the stress and congestion of the terminal than arriving in a private jet with your friends and family? You may even see your favorite team arriving on the ramp. The Super Bowl is a special occasion, and utilizing air charter to get there and back home can make it an even better experience. However, there are some things to keep in mind. Let’s avoid red faces and angry phone calls around getting to the big game.

Choose Your Air Charter Provider Wisely

Big events can, unfortunately, bring out all manner of con artists. Ticket scams, hotel scams, and yes, air charter scams gravitate to where the big money and the demand is. What bigger event is there than the Super Bowl? A reliable charter broker can be your trustworthy guide in vetting operators that are safe and reputable. If you are in the market for a broker, that will require some homework. How long have they been in business? Do they belong to any air charter industry associations? Google the owners; Anything scary there? How about their references? Like any industry, there are great vendors and then there are not so great vendors. Make sure that you are with a solid company that will advocate for you and helps you to book the perfect air charter operator and the perfect private jet for your air charter flight to the big game.


When we mention experience, we mean experience with the airport operational environment before, during, and after a major event. Will access to the airport be slot controlled? Is aircraft parking available? Think of it this way; if you book a private jet and the price is dependent on the aircraft remaining on site until your return, the aircraft will need parking, and the crews will need hotels. Frequently there is so much ramp congestion that aircraft have to reposition between flights. This can increase the price that you will pay. Better to find this out now. Does the crew have access to hotels? Transportation, etc? Both of these can be very limited during major events, and often sell out. Is the operator familiar with any special event air traffic control and/or airport restrictions that may affect your flight? Our job is to bend all of these question marks into exclamation points, as in, “Wow, thank you Air Planning for thinking of all of this!”

The Day Trip

Jet in the same day, see the game and jet out. This can be an excellent occasion for a private jet charter. Keep in mind that safety is the number one priority, not schedule. While this may be the trip of a lifetime, if there are weather events or mechanical issues that arise, this can affect your schedule. Sounds like a cliché – but it is what makes aviation so safe – safety first. Be prepared to think about contingencies. We also recommend utilizing charter operators with larger fleets and air charter brokers with established reputations that can be relied upon should the booked aircraft experience a mechanical event necessitating a substitute aircraft. Booking a private jet for a day trip is incredibly convenient, but be ready to adapt should circumstances require.

Keep it Classy

We get it, you charter a private jet to the Super Bowl to have an amazing time. In every group there invariably seems to be the person that had too much of a good time, or somehow thinks that the special event suspends the need for decorum or being a law-abiding citizen. Don’t be that guest. The same rules in place on a commercial flight apply to private air charter regarding alcohol. Too many visits to the beer stand, and you may not be able to board for the flight home. Also, once inside the aircraft, good manners apply. Most contracts contain clauses regarding aircraft damage from rowdy passengers. That can get very expensive, and may result in blue suits greeting you upon arrival. Avoid that unnecessary cost and keep your group in check. The crews want you to have fun but also expect responsible and safe behavior.


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