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Charter Friendly Destinations - The Cayman Islands

Updated: May 29, 2020

Owen Roberts International Airport - Welcome to the Cayman Islands

For corporate meetings and incentive trips, many factors will dictate how event planners determine their destination and the venue.  The strategic planning process will often start a year or more in advance with the setting of meeting objectives, requirements, and of course, budget planning.  RFP’s will be put together for venues, and then comes negotiations, site inspections, and after much debate, the decision for the venue.

In some cases, the destination has already been determined and the planner is considering multiple venues at the destination.  In other cases, planners might be looking at multiple destinations to determine which will make the most sense for the group.

While travel logistics will be factored into determining the destination and travel costs will be factored into budgets, they will most likely reference commercial rates or group blocks.  There are several harder to reach destinations, such as the Cayman Islands, where a large group charter flight would be a great option to overcome the logistical challenges of travel planning, and the charter flight cost might fit better into the budget than you think.

Destination Management + Site Selection

As a full service broker, the partnerships we have developed with our clients are invaluable.  We will work with you throughout the planning process by providing cost estimates for your incentive group charter to all the destinations you are considering.  You can even pull some quick estimates through this handy flight estimate tool. This will help you more accurately plan and budget for the trip.  We can also help you select a destination by recommending a destination that will fit within your already approved travel budget.  

With charter flight estimates in hand and all the talking points you need to sell your boss on the plan for a large group charter, you are sure to get all the approvals you need in advance to charter the flight for your group!  You can even book your flights before commercial service schedules are even available and still not know who is going on the trip until a couple weeks prior.  No need to worry about flights now, problem solved. 

Large Group Charter Flights to Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach - Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are serviced by several carriers with nonstop flights from 18 cities throughout North America.   Visit Cayman Islands provides a great overview of these options. While commercial flights provide families and smaller groups with great travel options to the islands, the travel logistics for moving a large group might not fit based on your departure city, flight times or simply the number seats available.

Not only will we streamline the travel logistics, a charter flight will offer an all-around elevated travel experience, featuring:

  • Nonstop travel for your entire group

  • Travel with privacy, flexibility, security and convenience

  • No minimum stays required or travel date restrictions

  • No name change fees or baggage fees

  • Other personalized enhancements can be added, such as catering, branding opportunities and potential expedited security/customs screening

Check out one of our past blogs, 10 Reasons to Consider a Charter Flight, for more benefits of a charter flight for your group.

Waterfront shopping area in George Town, Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority and Owen Roberts International Airport also offers Meet & Greet Services to enhance the experience of guests arriving via charter flight. These services including track lines through security and immigration, curbside baggage drop off and an airport escort.

But what if my group is travelling from all over the country to Grand Cayman?

We were hoping you would ask, as a large group charter flight will still solve a lot of the challenges you will have with transporting your group.  We see this a lot with incentive travel in particular, where your top sellers or suppliers might be travelling from several destinations.  

Cities like Miami or Fort Lauderdale are great hubs with affordable commercial flights from most markets, and a great central point to provide access to Grand Cayman and islands throughout the Caribbean.  Secure your charter flights well in advance from one of these hubs and then fly your group down to Florida on commercial service and consolidate them onto a charter flight down to Grand Cayman.  

Charter Flight Costs to Grand Cayman

This is the big question that all groups have. We have put together a simple tool to help provide some ballpark estimates on the charter flight costs down to Grand Cayman.  Whether you have a large group heading to Grand Cayman or a smaller group looking for a VIP travel experience on a business jet charter flight, this is a good place to start. From here, you can request a quote, or contact us today to start planning your next trip.

Large Group Charter Flight Costs to Cayman Islands
Business Jet Charter Flight Costs to Cayman Islands


Charter Flight Cost Calculator

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