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Avoid Drama & Use Air Charter for World Tours and Film Production

Updated: Jun 13

Tour and Film Air Transportation and Charter
"I sure am glad they used charter to get here!"

You Can't Spell World Tour or Production Without Air Charter

Ok, you could spell them, but you get the point. When it comes to world tours and film productions, air transportation is a critical aspect that requires careful consideration. The logistics of getting people and equipment from one location to another can be a daunting task. Especially when dealing with tight schedules and/or international travel, air charter is often the preferred method due to its flexibility and reliability. However, arranging air charter can be complex and tricky, which is why it's crucial to select a reputable company with experience in this industry. In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into why air charter is critical for world tours and film production and why it's essential to choose an air charter company that knows what they're doing.

Air Charter vs. Commercial Flights - "But It's so Expensive"

When it comes to world tours and film productions, time is money, and commercial flights can be unreliable and severely limit the flexibility of the schedule. Group travel often requires excessive restrictions, wait times, layovers, and unforeseeable flight schedule changes. In contrast, air charter eliminates these issues and allows the flexibility to set the schedule according to the team's needs. There is also the issue of privacy. With air charter it is your group and only your group on the aircraft. While on it's face commercial service is far and away less expensive, it exponentially increases the risk of schedule disruptions. That savings you were counting on doesn't mean much if you can't get to where you are going on time and with all of the gear and passengers ready to go to work.

Selecting the Right Aircraft Options

Air charter companies offer a variety of aircraft options to suit the specific needs of any project that match the number of passengers, cargo, flight distances, and other travel requirements. The right aircraft can make all the difference in providing a comfortable and safe flight. The wrong aircraft and/or operator can mean an uncomfortable journey, schedule delays, payload issues, and can often cost more money in the long run.

Vetting the Air Carrier and Aircraft

Air Planning aircraft engine being worked on
Hmm, this might take awhile

Reputable air charter brokers will carefully vet operators using third-party audit systems as well as determine the operators historical reliability, safety record, and fleet depth. While one-of-a-kind aircraft are unique and often have incredible amenities, it will be impossible to replace in the event of a mechanical delay that requires a substitute aircraft to pick up the schedule.

Tour and production managers need to know this from the outset, and discuss contingency plans with their air charter broker. Let's be real; all airlines have delays. However, disruptions can be minimized by making a careful aircraft and operator selection (hint: the cheapest choices are lower cost for a reason). Also, a big part of any operation should be contingency planning with your broker and talking about schedule delays and other "what-if" scenarios, and then plan around them.

Caution: VIPs Onboard!

Even the biggest film or band has to play by the rules. Customs may not be swayed by a production schedule or by music icons, and TSA needs to be satisfied that the ramp loads are compliant. Foreign agencies in other countries may be even less enthused or able to make special accommodations. A good broker will be candid about limitations and expectations, and not imply that there is a special aviation velvet rope that will always make everything easy. With millions of departures per day, airports and personnel are stretched, and special handling isn't always possible. When air charter brokers start with honest conversations about potential limitations due to permits, customs, immigration, slots, catering, or airport resources, you can plan around these situations. Neither hope nor optimism are good strategies in the complex world of aviation.


Air charter is an essential aspect of touring and film production that requires proper consideration when selecting a carrier. It's important to select a reputable air charter company with experience in arranging complex, high-profile air charter. Make sure your air charter broker is up to the task!


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