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Chartering a Private Jet into some of New England's Top Summer Vacation Spots

Updated: Jun 12

Summer, or as many of us say in New England, "summa" is here. Unlike the winter months of the year when life can sometimes resemble a black and white movie, the region's small towns and sleepy hamlets are now in full bloom. Vacation time is precious, so why spend it in traffic or making multiple connections in an airport when you can book a private jet and fly private? We'll give you the skinny dip on what airports are close by some of New England's favorite vacation spots, so you can use air charter to remove the stress and pump up the summer fun.

To the Cape!

Charter a private plane to the Cape
Fly Private to the Cape and Maximize Your Time With Family

Cape Cod and the islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard are known for incredible beaches, a really tasty potato chip, and cranberry bogs. "The Cape" is also renowned for mind-numbing traffic, especially during high season when thousands of road warriors make the trek into and out of the area. Although commercial airlines do offer limited service, but you can easily chew up precious vacation days at the airport trying to get there. When you book a private jet, you can depart from the closest local airport to your home. In a mere thirty minutes, you and your family can fly private from Bedford, Massachusetts to Nantucket Martha's Vinyard or Hyannis. That same trip by car can take several hours of sitting in steamy traffic. If it's a Friday afternoon, that's a special kind of motorist hell.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Charter a Jet to Bar Harbor
Ahhh, Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor Airport is located just ten miles from Acadia National Park. Take in this magnificent national treasure this summer by accessing the convenience of booking a private jet to get there. Otherwise, you are looking at a 50 mile drive from Bangor, which being one of the northernmost municipalities in the United States, getting to Bangor is a travel adventure in-and-of-itself. Or, you can drive 175 miles from Portland Maine. Yes, Maine is a big state. If you book a private plane, you can travel point-to-point from anywhere in the world, and upon landing have just a short drive to the harbor. That's the magic of air charter.

Lake Winnipesaukee

Mount Washington Boat Lake Winnepesaukee
The Mount Washington on Lake Winnepesaukee

Affectionately known as "Winnie" to locals, Lake Winnipesaukee has long been an on off-the-radar hideaway for America's well-heeled. The lake and it's surrounding towns are reminiscent of a bygone era of wooden Chris Craft's gliding along the water's surface, with amazing views of fireworks from multiple towns on the 4th of July. The closest commercial airport is Manchester, NH, but flying into MHT usually takes a connection or two, with at least another hour, sometimes two with summer traffic before you are dipping your toes in Lake Winnie. When you book a private jet, your smiling family can land at Laconia Airport, which is located in one of the lake towns (also home to the Laconia motorcycle rally).

Make the Travel as Exceptional as the Destination

Getting there is the first and last thing that your family will experience on vacation. Will it be nonstop scrambling and stress to catch flights, only to have that final connection in Newark cancelled, dashing your vacation dreams? Or, will it be the close-quarters combat of travelling long distances by car? We often talk with our clients about the value of air charter. A big part of that value is the ability to save time. Another important consideration is quality of life. Many families may only have a limited number of days to get together in the summer months. Maximizing your time on vacation instead of getting to the vacation is how private air charter can make every travel experience special.

Private Jet Rental for Vacation
It's Always Summer in a Private Jet

Plenty of Room

If you are visiting any of these fabulous New England gems for an extended period, don't worry about baggage. Large private jets can accommodate the belongings of even the heaviest packer. Inside the cabin of your private jet oasis, mom and dad can spread out while the kids enjoy the cabin amenities.

On Your Schedule and at Your Service

Flying private means your private jet operates on your schedule and not an airline's. It also means not battling other sweaty and stressed-out families to get into line to be ignominiously screened, only to wait in yet another line to board, then wait in line to get off. Then, yet more lining up waiting for your bags. Air charter is private, flexible, and convenient. The cost of a private jet may surprise you. Visit our online air charter price estimator to get a feel for aircraft costs and types. Better yet, call or email us and we'll give you that rare personal touch that has faded from customer service like so many summers from long ago. We hope that you consider one of these destinations for you summer vacation this year. When you do, book a private jet and make it special.


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