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Censsa Citation Ultra

Citation Ultra Specifications



Learjet 60 - Passenger Count
Learjet 60 - Aircraft Range


Learjet 60 - Cargo


(cu ft)
Learjet 60 - Lavatory


Learjet 60 - Cabin Width
Cabin Width


Learjet 60 - Cabin Length
Cabin Length


Learjet 60 - Cabin Height
Cabin Height


Cruise Speed


Learjet 60 - Cruise Speed

The Citation Ultra Jet is a modern marvel of the aviation industry. This single-pilot jet aircraft combines speed, power, and dependability to create a unique experience for pilots and passengers alike. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, the Citation Ultra Jet is an ideal aircraft for leisurely flights or for those who need to get somewhere quickly.


The plane can reach speeds of up to 445 knots true airspeed and is capable of taking off from a 5,000-foot runway. It also features an impressive range of 1,500 nautical miles when flown at its maximum cruise speed. The aircraft has a luxurious interior with comfortable seating for up to 7 passengers, complete with drinks and snacks.


Additionally, the Citation Ultra Jet is equipped with advanced avionics systems designed to make piloting safer and more efficient. With its exceptional performance and impressive features, the Citation Ultra Jet is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, luxurious aircraft to take them wherever their journey might lead.

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