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Learjet 60 - Cruise Speed

The Gulfstream G200 has redefined the midsize class in business aviation!

It has the largest cabin in the super mid-size jet category, as well as the longest range. With an impressive rate of climb, a high-speed cruising altitude and the ability to handle shorter runways, this amazing business jet is an excellent solution for short to medium duration flights as well as transatlantic routes.

The cabin consists of six VIP seats and an aft three place divan. The forward zone has four VIP seats in a double club configuration. The aft zone has two VIP seats on the right-hand side of the cabin across from a three-place divan.

There is a forward side galley commonly equipped with a microwave oven, coffee maker, and ample storage for catering supplies.

With 150 cubic feet, the Gulfstream G200 offers the most baggage space in its class. Additional cabin amenities that you can commonly expect to be included such as power outlets, cabin speakers, an audio and visual DVD system, an airshow system and headsets.

With an abundance of baggage space, the Gulfstream G200 jet is an ideal option for transporting executives and their travel accoutrements across the country in comfort & class.

Come and experience the full range of creature comforts and versatility that the  Gulfstream G200  has to offer!

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