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Our Top 5 Favorite Islands to Visit Via Caribbean Air Charter



2018 is Flying by. Have You Planned Your Big Air Charter Adventure Yet?

Alright folks, all those tax returns should be rolling in and we have one question for you – where are you jetting off to? How about you skip the obligatory visit to see the Mouse in Florida and explore something a bit more unusual, like the Caribbean! Today we are going to look at five amazing Caribbean islands and how you can get there with private, Caribbean air charter.

The Top 5 Caribbean Islands to Visit

The Caribbean comprises over 7,000 individual islands. Because my boss doesn’t pay me enough to visit all 7,000 +, we’ll stick to our top 5. Below is a quick look at the islands we suggest you visit in 2018. Remember, make sure you choose the right air charter broker to help you book the perfect private jet!

  1. Cayman Islands
  2. Antigua
  3. Cat Island, Bahamas
  4. Saint Croix
  5. Aruba

Cayman Islands

Sting RaysEver heard of Stingray City? If not, you’ll want to head on over to the hangar, board the jet, and get yourself down to the big island, Grand Cayman, for a once in a lifetime experience of swimming in the open ocean with wild rays.

Stingrays not your style? Take in the famous Crystal Caves with the family and then enjoy the sunset at Rum Point. Finish off your day with dinner at Kaibo Upstairs. Might we recommend the six-course tasting menu with customized wine pairing? Or if rum is your fancy, perhaps savor a variety of rum samples?  

The main island is accessible via Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM).  Not sure which private jet is right for you?  Let us help you choose the perfect private jet to Grand Cayman. 



If Antiqua is calling your name, may we suggest you go ahead and book your private air charter now for the Antiguan Carnival. This ten-day festival runs from July 27th – August 7th, 2018. Not one for festivals? Escape the mainland on one of the many fishing charters or learn how to windsurf. Whether you want to party hard at the festival or relax on the beach, Antigua has much to offer. Start your Antiguan retreat by arriving at a private FBO at the newly renovated V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU/TAPA) and enjoy the $100 million in updates and improvements.   

Cat Island, Bahamas  

Things have certainly changed since Arthur Catt, the infamous pirate the Island is named after, sailed the shores of Cat Island. Touch down in Arthur’s Town Airport (ATC) and begin Bahamasexploring the unspoiled landscape of this Bahamian island. With 150 square miles of natural landscape to explore, don’t waste your time on a commercial flight sitting next to the guy that just won’t stop sneezing. Plus, forget about a direct commercial flight from the U.S., it doesn’t exist. Get down here on your own schedule, with a point to point private charter. Cats love birds. So, why not fly here in a Falcon 2000 private jet? The island has two airports, Athur’s Town (ATC) and New Bight (TBI), both of which accept private air charter flights. 

Saint Croix  

St. CroixOn his second voyage, Christopher Columbus visited St. Croix on November 14th, 1493 and named the island, “Santa Cruz” (Holy Cross). Nearly 470 years later, President John F. Kennedy named St. Croix’s Buck Island a National Monument because of its sheer beauty. Whether you want to take the family, significant other, friends, or even a work getaway, Saint Croix has plenty to offer. 

The only question to ask is which aircraft is right for my private flight to Saint Croix? Fortunately, the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX)/TISX) has plenty of runway to accommodate anything from a light jet charter to a luxury BBJ.         


aruba beach

“Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I want to take ya there on a private jet”. Terrible Beach Boys reference aside, the sugary white sands that feel like powder to the touch are one of the many reasons Aruba made our list. What makes Aruba most unique are the people.

Queen Beatrix International airport (AUA) is waiting for you with open arms. Fun fact, most islanders speak at least four languages, including English and Spanish. We are fluent in private air charter, so let’s talk chartering a private jet to Aruba! 

If snorkeling in their pristine waters where the coral reefs are only 15 feet under the surface isn’t your style, take in Arikok National Park