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Air Planning Enjoys Solid On-Time Performance from Airline Partners

Updated: Jun 12

Salem, N.H. - In 2018, Air Planning's air charter clients benefited from excellent on-time performance by air carriers. The firm cites its air carrier vendor selection criteria as a key factor in the reduction of air carrier-induced delays. "Our air carrier selection criteria includes factors such as previous on-time performance records, fleet size, recovery capability, and several other considerations that can, and do, impact an air carrier's schedule performance. Our clients enjoy a better product because we utilize better air carriers,” Scott Bickford, Air Planning’s CEO explained. Bickford continued, "Safety will always take priority over schedule, which means sometimes aircraft will need to be delayed. The key difference is selecting airlines that are not only reliable, but also demonstrably capable of recovering effectively from a delay."

Air Planning, LLC continues to urge air charter consumers to avoid purchasing air charter transportation as a commodity, especially in the large group airline charter market. "If your only metric is price, and your buying decisions are built around lowest price, you will eventually be very disappointed. It's just a question of when," said Bickford. The firm maintains on-time performance data for every air carrier they utilize. This data is gleaned from the thousands of flights that Air Planning, LLC arranges on behalf of their air charter clients.

Founded in 1999, Air Planning arranges private jet charter transportation globally on behalf of sports teams, corporations, government agencies, and ultra-high net-worth individuals.

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