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Air Charter Puts the Special in Special Events

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Remember, You’re Special. No, it’s true. You are. So start acting that way and treat yourself to a special event once in a while. For those of you that are already fans of special events, we ask, how special is your travel to get to and from there? If mission impossible connections, long lines, sneezy seatmates, and the not-so-friendly skies of commercial service is your idea of special, stop reading. If you are wondering how to make getting there live up to the experience of when you are there, read on about how air charter for special events can enhance your event!

The First and Last Memory

We often tell our clients that the air transportation component of their travel is the first and last memory that they will have the experience. If the to and from is messy, stressful, and exhausting, that will become part of the memory. Private jet travel is on your schedule. You can even pick the aircraft type. No strangers spilling over into your tiny seat, no foul smells, just your group enjoying the travel component as much as the special event. Your memory of your experience will either be enhanced or diminished depending on the travel experience.

A Tale of Two Experiences

From an experiential perspective, there is no argument; a well-appointed private business jet is exponentially more pleasant than coaching along in seat 24B. Breeze through the private aviation terminal on your way to the aircraft. Oh, just drop your bag here sir, we’ll take care of that. Meet the captain, and climb aboard. Slip into one of those big comfy chairs and stretch out. Check the scores. Have a nibble and a beverage.

Pet your dog (no really, you can bring your dog right onboard). You have already started to enjoy the special event before you even get there. The trip home? Just as awesome. No throngs of other travelers that are (a bit) crabby/over-served/tired trying to get through the check-in line, then the bag-drop line, then the security line, then the gate line (Group 19, you may now board). What do you mean, I have to gate check my bag? The guy in front of me had three bags. You get the idea.

Extravagant Luxury? We Disagree

It is a strange quirk of human nature that we can fill stadiums with people that will pay thousands for a seat at the big game, or spend tens of thousands for a suite to the big concert, or even just a meet and greet with their favorite performer. Yet, many view private air charter as an ostentatious luxury. Not so. As many of us are now placing a premium on experiences instead of things, why not make that entire experience special? This includes the getting there and back. Sure, not everybody can afford private jet charters. In fact, we acknowledge that it is a rather small slice of the population. Overall, however, the additional spend for a private air travel experience does not add that much more to the budget for those of us blessed with the budget to enjoy high-end experiences. It is not uncommon for a corporate travel program to spend $20-$30,000 on each employee and their guest. Why not improve their overall experience by eliminating the most stressful component of the entire experience – the air travel?

When It’s Special

Think of private air charter like your birthday – it’s not every day, but when it comes around you want it to be special. The next time you are charged with organizing the big event, consider VIP air charter to create an end-to-end experience that none of your guests will forget. Oh, and since we missed it, happy birthday!


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